Thursday, 17 December 2009

Warung Din Selamat FC appeal for sophee red card

Assalamualaikum warahmatullah..

sophee - mengaku bersalah

     Warung Din Selamat FC has lodged an appeal for their defender,SOPHEE who has been red carded for their last match. PERMAI Super League Committee has held emergency meeting last tuesday for this matter and we decided to grant the 22 years old defender yellow card instead. According to FIFA's Law, an attacking player that uses his hand to score or create scoring opportunity will only be caution, not sent off.
Sophee, the ampang boy was very grateful to the PSL Committee and promised not to do the same mistake again.


Sop said...

"Accidentally "tampar" the ball was an instinctive reaction. I know that I made a mistake but I'm human. I didn't want to do it actually. These are things that happen in football and I hope to learn from them. I've apologised to my team-mates and a very thankful to PSL commitee members after decided a righteous decision."

kher said...

yeye sophee main.

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