Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Matchday 5 Postponed

Regarding Matchday 5 supposedly on this Friday,PSL sadly announce that it will be postponed until further notice.

The postpone must be done because on the same day,Kursus Imam dan Pengendalian Jenazah by MMY will take place from the morning until evening.

It is inevitable regret because many players are anticipating this week matches.But PSL committees must stick to 'zero controversy' principle.

Eventhough there will be no PSL matches,but Friendly Match between JUST vs. YARMOUK Uni will be held.Kick off is at 8.00am and all players are invited to participate.Take this chance to increase your caps for your university.

1 comment:

org said...

wat game ari sabtu x leh?

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