Tuesday, 15 December 2009

10 things to know before your next Permai Super League match.

Before you play your next PSL match, there are some things you must know. This guide will tell you what those things are and explain how to best utilize them in a game situation. We the committee hope that our PSL games in Irbid will be improved, wether from the player aspect itself, referees and all of the officials in this league.

1. You can not be off sides when you are on your side of the field.

This is one of the most important pieces of information you could possibly need to know before your first soccer

match. Especially at lower levels many defenders do not know this rule. They will go up somewhat on offense and leave you behind. If you stay on your half of the field you cannot be called for being offsides. All you have to do is wait for a good clear and run underneath the ball then you have the goalie one on one.

2. The referee is always right.

Although you may not always agree with a ref's call you should never ever argue with them. This only makes them angry and causes them to call bad calls against your team out of spite. In some situations if you are verbal enough this can lead to you getting a yellow card, which no player wants.

3. Never stop moving.

Soccer is not a game for people without endurance. If you are on the field and you are sitting in one spot you are absolutely worthless to your team. You should always be moving. Even if you are wide open you should be moving to attract defenders toward you and open up space for a through ball to your teammates. Do not move just to move though, always move with a purpose.

4. Keep your head up.

You cannot possibly play soccer if you are always looking down at your feet. You need to keep your head up and know where all the players on your team and the opponent's team are. Even if you sacrifice your dribbling skill somewhat, it is better to have field vision. Keeping your head up gives you the ability to give better through balls and receive and release the ball quickly.

5. Know what are you are going to do before you do it.

In soccer you have to know what you are going to do with the ball before it touches your feet. When somebody passes the ball to you, you should already know where you want to play the ball to. Whether it is a through ball or long ball you want to give you should know where to play the ball prematurely.

 6. Do not use foul or insulting language.

 When ever you insult the other team all it does is hurt you. It just makes them angrier which could cause them to purposely hurt you or your teammates. In some severe cases you can, in fact, get a yellow card for use of foul language while on the field.

7. Do not purposely hit people while on the field.

Yes, in soccer you may have to hit people accidentally on occasion. You should never purposely hit people though. This could result you getting into a fight or getting a red card. Either one of these things would damage your team because you would be thrown out of the game and your team would have to play a man down.

8. Come into the game with a winning attitude.

It does not matter how bad you thing your team is you should always step on to the pitch thinking "my team is going to win this game". If you do not come out with that state of mind you might as well forfeit the game. If you have already lost the game in your mind you are going to lose the game in real life too. Always keep your hopes up and you will surely win games.

9. Don't blame your teammates.

It does not matter whether or not your teammate did something wrong, never point your finger and blame them for the opposing team scoring a goal or any other bad thing. This only leads to squabbles within the team which is unneeded drama. Keep quiet and assume the blame on yourself too. When something doesn't go your team's way it's the whole team's fault, not just one player's.

10. Never underestimate the opponent. 

 If you come into a soccer game with the mindset that you are going to bulldoze the other team because they suck you are setting yourself up for a loss. The other team can be the worse team around, but if you and your teammates get cocky you can and will lose. Make sure to keep a level head and play the game just like you would any other game.


Following these guidelines should give success to new Irbid players in the first few games. You want to make sure to fully follow these guidelines because they will help you know what and what not to do in a soccer game. Good luck with you future games of Permai Super League!


mar jonas said...

haha best post ever!

Abdulla said...

haha.dah la gamba last tu kene plak ngan point die.haha.


p/s wawan sape ko nye journalist ni?leh pergi jauh ni.hehe

kher said...

nicely written.
sungguh menarik entry nie.

all the best to PSL management.

kamen said...

nicely written! two thumbs up for psl media dept!

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