Saturday, 12 December 2009

Scenes From Matchday 3

Matchday 3 of the Permai Super League. Real Benchwarmer vs Warung Din FC, The Dark Horses vs Bugatti FC and Rubin Irbid FCvs Phoenix Bangkit FC.

1. Yarmouk University at 6.45am. The first match between Real Benchwarmers and Warung Din FC didn't start until 7.20 a.m. because of the heavy fog.

2. Real Benchwarmer's playmaker, Muhtadin Ramli kicks the ball as it disappears into the mist. According to local forecast, it was 8°C that morning, but they say it feels a lot more colder than that.

3. The guys from Real Benchwarmer warms up despite of the fog as they were getting ready for their match with league leader Warung Din FC.

4. Warung Din FC with their new official kit.The team that's more known as Old Heroes(team org tua) failed to score even a goal despite their record of scoring 3 goals in each match they have won.

5. Faiz Azrain runs with the ball as he is pressured by Real Benchwarmer's defender in the match between Warung Din FC and Real Benchwarmer. The match ended 1-0.

6. Jongkabe heads the ball as he tries to find the net in the match between his team and the Real Benchwarmers.

7. En. Hasmat, the Defensive Midfielder in the Real Benchwarmer's side is said to be the one responsible for the uprising of the team. Since he joined them, the once known to be the underdog team tasted 2 consecutive wins and they're begging for more.

 8. Afifi Damanhuri of Bugatti FC tries to win the ball as he is sandwiched between two Dark Horses' players, Ibra Suri and Sidi The Actor. The match ended as Bugatti failed to steal the 3 points they wanted from the Dark Horses.

9. Captain of the Dark Horses, Azri Poey passes the ball during the match between his team and Bugatti. Azri made his name into the score sheet as he fired the second goal in that match. The match ended 2-0.

10. Husaini Azizan, AM for Bugatti FC kicks the ball into mid air as Zofir (with the snow gloves) tries to win it from him.

11. The captain of Bugatti FC Rafieuddin Rasdi, famous with his yellow sweater is seen here injured during the match between his team and The Dark Horses. The match ended 2-0.

12. Khairul Anwar Ibrahim, goalkeeper of the Dark Horses taking a goal kick as he made his first full-time as a goalkeeper for his team. Hashimi, the other goalkeeper played as the RB on the second half of this match.

13. Hazim Hazlami, Sofuan Azahri and Anwar Ahmad were thrilled as they had the honor to have a picture with the new upcoming, oscar-nominated star Khair Shahrir. Khair is yet to be filmed in the next movie of the series from Abu Malik studio, which has become the new talk in this small town Irbid.

14. Asyraf Marwan warms up before his match with Rubin Irbid FC. Asyraf scored the late equaliser which helped Phoenix Bangkit FC to finally get their first "bangkit" of the league.

15. Amin of Rubi Irbid FC tries to score a goal for his team in the match. The shot was off-target but they had real problem guarding this new rookie.

16. Despite having big names like Asyraf Marwan, Awe, Munir and Marwan in their team, Phoenix Bangkit FC is more famous with their 'Korean Brothers', Aimejo and Mahdi. Both showed good chemistry and game play between themselves and they seem to be a threat to whomever their opponent is.

17. Haji Fauzi, the captain for Rubin Irbid FC passes the ball to his teammate during the match between his team and Phoenic Bangkit FC. Rubin Irbid FC, with most of their players performed Hajj last month was the first to take the lead. Phoenix bangkit later on equalized as Asyraf Marwan headed over Fauzi to save his team from dropping to the bottom of the table.

18. Dwang of Rubin Irbid FC celebrates with his teammates, Abdullah Asyraf and Azlan Syah as he scored the first goal in the match between them and Phoenix Bangkit FC.. the match ended 1-1.

19. Marwan Hadiid Cullen clears the ball from reaching to Azlan in the match between Rubin Irbid FC and Phoenix Bangkit FC. the match ended 1-1.

20. Yop and Asyraf Marwan battles for the ball durint their match between Rubin Irbid FC and Phoenix Bangkit FC. Yop is yet to get a card as he has been warned by the referees several times for his behavior on the field.


mUneer said...

mas rehat half time tadi..gua bertanya kepada team.

"slm skuad, gua takde benda nak cakap. main cun cuma tak leh nak goal. lu org budak-budak sub boleh bagi pndgn."

sekali awe menyampuk dgn muka surius, " korean's brother kena main bersama."

"mu oyak gapa ni we? tak pahe kawe," gua dah panas awe start perangai pening dia.

"ni, aime jo dgn mahdi. kena main bersama." jawab awe.

"bengong, lu memang lawak lah we," gua sengih-sengih sambil setuju dgn pndpt awe.

sorry we, gua kdg2 lambat nak paham dgn lawak lu

ejad said...

terbaek ah..captions gamba mmg mcm reuters..haha

muiz said...

gambar yop dgn acap marwan macam mirror effect

mar jonas said...

psl congratulates all players for their commitment in the matches.hopefully the spirits keep coming.

Anonymous said... kwan lama ashraf marwan..dh lma xcntct dia..t kim slam kt dia eh...
ckp kt die...kalu ade fb..add sy
zeti aktar
just nk thu perkembangan sja..

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