Monday, 28 December 2009

Permai Super League's 'Know Your Ball'

Official World Cup Ball “JABULANI”

About the ball

 The “JABULANI”, which means “to celebrate” in isiZulu, features a South African inspired design and some radical new technology. The newly developed “Grip’n’Groove” profile provides the players with an exceptional ball flight and perfect grip under all conditions.

Regular balls are made with 32 hexagonal panels. The Teamgeist for World Cup in Germany 2006 had only 14 panels. The Jabulani ball has an amazing 8 panels. Goalies will be happy with the 'grip n groove' texturing, which is also to aid smooth flight (think golfballs). It is a heavy ball, and has bonded 3d panels - moulded spherically to retain shape and create a seamless spehere.

Eleven different colours are used on the adidas “JABULANI”, representing the 11 players in every team, the 11 official languages of South Africa and the 11 South African tribes that make the country one of the most ethnologically diverse countries on the African continent.

To create and develop the adidas “JABULANI”, the ball received player testing in 2008 from AC Milan, FC Bayern München, Orlando Pirates and Ajax Cape Town. And the worldwide reaction to the ball has been exceptional, here are some of the world's best players who will be using the ball next summer:

Michael Ballack: “Fantastic, the ball does exactly what I want it to.

Frank Lampard: “A very strong ball, true to hit.”

Kaká: “For me, contact with the ball is all-important, and that’s just great with this ball.”

Afifi 'Drog' Damanhuri: "Sedap doh bola ni!"

Price: boleh makan Warung Din Selamat, ayam tambah dengan teh tarik sendiri selama sebulan.

the adidas Finale Roma Football for the UEFA Champions League Final

About the ball
Adidas unveiled the Official Match Ball for the UEFA Champions League Final in Rome on May 27th:  the adidas “Finale Rome”. The Italian capital is hosting its second UEFA Champions League Final (following 1996). Europe’s top two football clubs in the 2008/2009 season will compete in the Final in Stadio Olimpico di Roma, Italy’s biggest sports arena

Like the Europass football that came before it, the adidas Finale Roma uses the same surface, excitingly named "PSC-Texture". This surface structure "allows players to control and direct the ball perfectly in all weather conditions and consists of a sophisticated and extremely fine structure on the ball's outer skin that guarantees optimum grip between ball and boot."

Due to the usage of this material, the ball texture feels like goose bumps. In addition, like the “EUROPASS”, the adidas “Finale Rome” is constructed out of 14 panels using revolutionary Thermal Bonding Technology.


"A good soccer ball does not make a soccer player look good, a good soccer player makes any soccer ball look good."


majdi akhili said...

macam best jer sepak bola nih

mUneer said...

mmg lah best jedi.

harga kalau malaysia 3 rat. boleh dapat boot baru adidas, adi damanhuri tiga bijik beb

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