Sunday, 13 December 2009

PSL official soccer boot guide

To the soccer player, footwear is often the most important piece of soccer equipment he or she can own and also the most difficult to choose. There are two major performance considerations that should shape your decisions with soccer footwear. Your boot choice will primarily rely on these two questions: 
1. what kind of surface do you play on, and 
2. how much touch does your game demand?

This guide is a glossary to help you, the soccer player in Irbid, better understand the type of soccer shoes that are out there and to determine which style of soccer shoe best fits your game and the field on which you play, which in our case the field here in Yarmouk.

1. Shoe Type

Firm Ground (FG) or Molded Cleats

  • They have the basic soccer shoe design
  • Non-removable rubber, or hard plastic formed on the bottom of the shoe is used to help provide traction and control.
  • Ideal for beginner and intermediate level players.
  • Suited for play on almost all field types and in all weather conditions.
  • Required by many youth programs for safety reasons.

Soft Ground (SG) or Replaceable cleats

  • They feature studs on the bottom that can be screwed on and off and be replaced easily.
  • Cleats vary in length and are usually made of hard plastic or plastic with metal tips.
  • The type and length of the studs can be changed depending on the weather and field conditions of that day's game or practice.
  • Ideal for experienced players who can tailor the cleats to their playing field and weather conditions.
  • Suitable for use on wet, soggy fields, or on well-groomed, soft grass fields.

Hard Ground (HG) or Multiground (MG)

  • Created for artificial or hard natural surfaces like artificial turf or solid, sun-baked ground.

  • Hard ground soccer cleats generally have a large number of short studs that are usually evenly distributed across the entire outsole.
  • They also provide a good option on frozen fields and make a great backup pair for most players.

Turf Shoes

  • Contain various raised patterns on the bottom in place of studs, for use on harder outdoor surfaces and on artificial turf
  • Generally good training shoes that could serve as a back-up game pair for hard-surface conditions

    2. Upper coatings/materials

    Many coatings and treatments are also available on the upper. They are designed to create friction for control, create a swerve on well-struck balls, or prevent water retention.

    The major types of uppers are:

    Kangaroo: Kangaroo leather is a soft leather that stretches and molds to the foot. It is the most expensive and results in a pricier boot. It is lightweight and high quality. Shoes made of Kangaroo leather are the most comfortable you will own, however you sacrifice some durability and shoes made of Kangaroo leather usually will not last very long. 
    *The new Adipure Kaka is made of 100% K-Leather. rm400++ tu bai.

    Calfskin /Full-Grain: Calfskin is not supple like kangaroo leather but it is much more durable. It is heavier that kangaroo and will not stretch as much. However it is tough and boots made of calfskin usually fall into the mid-price range.

    Pittards Leather: Pittards leather is only used in Puma shoes. It is calfskin leather that has gone through a patented treatment process. This process gives the leather a water-resistant quality and causes the boot to dry faster. It also retains its softness and stretches less. Shoes made with pittards leather usually fall somewhere in between shoes of Kangaroo and Calfskin in terms of price. 

    3. Fit tips

  • Soccer shoes are sized like regular shoes, but most are designed with a more narrow upper than typical sneakers to allow for better feel and control of the ball.
  • High-quality leather shoes will generally stretch a bit when worn. They will actually mold to the shape of your foot, so they should fit snugly when new.
  • Shoes that are too small are one of the major causes of foot pain and problems with athletic footwear; however, soccer cleats should naturally fit more snugly than other athletic shoes because of their design. 

Some of the Irbidians' boots:
Muhtadin is wearing Adidas Predator Presicion FG (EURO 2000) 
Azri Poey is wearing Nike Mercurial Vapor FG
En Hasmat is wearing Adidas Telstar II TRX FG
Yop is wearing Adidas Predator Absolado PS TRX FG David Beckham.
Yaser is wearing Adidas F50.8 TUNIT.
Marwan Hadiid is wearing Umbro Revolution X SG
Kuchai and Muiz both wearing the new 2009 Predator X HG
Aimejedi (Emanaldo) is wearing Adidas Predator Pulse (EURO 2004)


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