Tuesday, 15 December 2009

After days of grueling and troublesome of traveling across continents,our scouts have came back reporting new talents from around the world.

We are full of confidence that these new talents will improve our quality of PSL and they are very welcomed to our family.

and Captains,don't hesitate to call them and put them immediately into the action this week.

Pheonix Bangkit - Alif Azizi B. Rosli 0777714979
                          - Muhammad Amar B. Adam 0779401093

Bugatti  - Abdul Hadi Damanhuri
            - Ahmad Mustaqim B. Yazirrudin 0779189062

Rubin Irbid - Abdullah Mu'iz B Ashari 0779433008
                  - Ahmad Fathi B. Baharuddin 0779431226

The Dark Horses - Sadis
                           - Amirul Hafiz B. Ali 0779186513

Warung Din Selamat FC - Baha
                                      - Mohd Asrul Faiz Bin Muhammad Adnan 0779079294

Real Benchwarmer - Muhammad Naim B Deraman 0777713437
                             - Rozaili

majulah sukan untuk negara,PSL SCOUT.

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