Sunday, 21 March 2010

Piala Permai 2008 Flashback

Gambar2 yang ditangkap time Piala Futsal PERMAI  tahun 2008. Gambar ditangkap dari 28/3/2008 hingga 11/4/2008. Buat julung kalinya, Piala PERMAI pada tahun itu tidak dapat dihabiskan.

1. Team Penganjur. Sangat fofular. Bediri dari kiri : Pue, Naqeb, Shihab, Kinawan. Duduk dari kiri: Yop, Shuk, Qayyim and Faiz. X penah menang.

2. Ketika perlawanan antara Team Penganjur dan Team Fird. Time ni Naqeb dgn Jedi sehat walafiyat lagi.

3. Inilah Team Keji dan Jambu tahun 2008. xyh r nk introduce sorg2.  Perasan x ade awek tgh stretching kat blakang tu.

4. Zaman ni mukhlis main keeper je lagi..kebelakangan ni je si Gohan ni bajet striker plak.. dalam match ni die save 2 penalti; satu Pue, dgn satu lagi Yop.

5. Team Tadin. Berdiri dari kiri: Tadin, Faiq, Hazim, Marwan, Ali, Abu. Duduk dari kiri: Syakir, Paih, Uwais and Acap Marwan.

6. Marwan tgh tanduk bola. Main 6 sebelah. Time ni guna bola GOLD CUP. boleh didapati di balad.

7. Ramai ni  je la rakyat Irbid yg men bola time tu. bole la buat 2 team bola padang.

8. Team abg anhar, Diri dari kiri: Jep, Jep lagi, Abg Anhar, Abg Nizam. Duduk dari kiri: Apis, Aiman Latip, Acad, Piek. Lawa rambut.haha

9. Ni Team Rahmat. Dlm team die ade star mcm die, Wasiek, Ust Din, Hadi Damanhuri(keeper) dgn Rafi.malangnye team die x gi jauh.

10. Team Ejard. Diri dari kiri: Amran, Ejard, Sayid, Aimejo, Dzul. Duduk dari kiri: Matno, Fakru, Imran dan Muiz.

11. Aiman Jedi(merah) kelihatan bermain keji disitu dalam usaha mentackle Hazim Hashim dari terus mara. Kelihatan Apai di hujung kanan.

12. Pue terbaring setelah di tackle oleh team Keji Jambu. Lakonannya itu berjaya apabila dihadiahkan penalti.

13. Wasiek mencuba untuk merembat bola manakala Aiman Latip datang untuk menyekat cubaan wasiek itu.

14. Bile wasiek amik free kick. cover anu la beb. cane nk lahirkan angkasawan nnt..

15. Jep lipat. x gol pn.

16. Rembatan Mun yang diblok dengan baik skali oleh Zaid Cap Ayam.

17. Team Aimejedi. Ingt lagi time ni Baha jadi keeper. Apai striker. Fird main tengah.

18. Penganjur, Pue dan Firdaus Kinawan ketika perlawanan dilangsungkan. dua helai kertas dan satu pen. itu sahaja diperlukan. Tahun tu Piala Permai x abes pn. senyap cmtu je.

19. Tadin menggentel bola sambil Acap marwan berlari meminta bola.

20. Fird. piala permai terakhir die.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Permai Super League Matchday 8 Highlights

Special thanks to Halfi,Hadi and Ashraf for the hardship they endured to make the highlights.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

[PSL] matchday 8 fixtures

6.45 Bugatti FC vs The Dark Horses
8.00 Warung Din Selamat FC vs FC Rubin Irbid
9.15 Phoenix Bangkit FC vs Real Benchwarmer

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Mid-Season Report : Phoenix Bangkit FC

PERFORMANCE: No one would be in their right frame of mind if they say this enigmatic team would be the league strugglers in the beginning of the season. Boasting several high profile players such as Marwan Hadiid, Wan Muhammad Izham, Aiman Johari, Ashraf Marwan and the captain himself, Abdul Munir Sanusi, they would be aghast to find themselves in such position when they had enough quality to be champion themselves. Regarded as unlucky by some, it would be a puzzle to describe their form that hauled 4 points from 5 matches as intervention of fate when there a lot of mistakes apparent to a keen observer. An unconvincing defense and a profligate offense contributed to their own demise as they lost the battle at crucial areas, namely the both end of the field, inside the penalty boxes. Their last gasp (and only) win against Real Benchwarmer elevated some of the pressure and hopefully stands them in a good stead for the second round of PSL.

CAPTAIN: Abdul Munir Sanusi- the famous captain that had a penchant for the spotlights was really known for his passion for football. Playing as a right back, he used his stamina and speed to good effect with his attacking forays yet there defensive deficiencies in his game. Constantly caught out by attackers, he played unconvincingly, riddled with mistakes such as giving away fouls near his own penalty box. Fiercely loyal to some of his starters, it was a questionable stance when they didn’t perform well enough to warrant the privileges. The tactics that been used were aesthetically pleasing as they looked to dominate their opponents but as in any other aspects, substance should be emphasized more than form.

BEST PLAYER: Ashraf Marwan- the vice captain was one of the leading performers with his dynamo abilities in midfield. A battling central midfielder with great technical abilities, he kept the team ticking with his crunching tackles and non-stop attacking run that strike fear to opposing defenders. Good in the air, he scored a brilliant header to secure a precious point for his team against Rubin Irbid FC. It was fitting that he was subjected to several transfer rumors and a red hot target for the top teams.

UNDERPERFORMER: Wan Muhammad Izham a.k.a Awe- highly rated as an attacker, it would be churlish not to say that he had a bad season for his own standards. Greatly known for his fast dribbles, he was chastised for his profligacy in front of goal which reached the nadir in the match against Bugatti FC where he contrived to miss 4 sitters completely. Scoring the last minute sensational goal against RB should increase his confidence level and hopefully improve his future performances but the critics are still out with their knives.

STARLET: Anuar Saad- probably a shock selection as Mahdi, another youngster in team had impressed many of the football cognoscenti. Yet this young right winger had something to caught attention with his crossing which Beckhamesque at its best: simple and effective. His two assists were crucial for the team as both yield an equalizer which is a perfect cross and a winner which is a slide rule pass. However his other attributes such as dribbling and running were average, so the challenge was on him to improve for the future.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Poll Result

Should Yob receive a leniency after picking 2 Yellow Cards last Friday?
Selection Votes 
YES 44%28 
NO 56%35 
63 votes total 

Monday, 15 March 2010

Mid-Season Report - Bugatti FC

PERFORMANCE: Looking through the team’s roster probably didn’t inspire much confidence for a neutral observer. Mainly consists of young and new players, the team had too much unknown factors and team chemistry problems to make a huge mark in the league. Starting the league with 3 consecutive losses strengthen the belief that this group of youngsters would be the beating boys or described accurately as ‘minnows’. Yet somehow they started to buck the trend with 2 straight victories with the one of the biggest upsets in the victory against Warung Din Selamat FC. As they are limited in their passing and pedigree, the team was defensively-minded in their approach which relied on counter attacks and set-pieces mostly to score goals. Not much expectation had been weighed on these young shoulders which probably suited them as well.

CAPTAIN: Mohd Rafieuddin Rasdi- A fleet-footed player with good technical abilities on the ball, he mainly played as central defender and striker sometimes. He reacted well on situations such as latching to through ball or to snuff out any dangerous plays from opposition. A model figure for the youngsters in his team, he had led them well although he had been changing tactics and lineups often to suit their own strengths and weaknesses. A dependable leader.

BEST PLAYER: Muhammad Husaini Azizan a.k.a Kucai- One of the senior players who highly rated for his physical and technical abilities, he had performed admirably so far in different positions. Equipped with versatility, he can destroy and create equally the plays in the midfield with his relentless tackling and quick passes. Making his mark with an assist and a goal already, he was instrumental in the victories against Phoenix Bangkit FC and WDS FC.

UNDERPERFORMER: Abdul Hadi Damanhuri- A self-proclaimed genius that truly a loudmouth, there’s nothing positive to describe this enigmatic player. Playing as a striker and a central midfielder eventually, he had been heavily criticized for being slow and ponderous on the field. He can’t tackles, passes and shoots at all. The only thing he can do is to ask for the ball (with angry shouts) and subsequently loses the ball. A total zero.

STARLET: Abdul Mukmin Jafary- One of the positive things in the team, he had shown tremendous potential with his performances. An all-action player, he was committed to the team’s cause with lung busting runs and unlimited energetic movement. Playing as winger or striker, he created chaos to the backline with fast dribbling and physical approach. Two goals so far, one was the crucial winner against PBFC, he was an important player to watch out for in the future.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mid-Season Report - Real Benchwarmer

PERFORMANCE: Mid-table obscurity probably wasn’t their plan at the beginning after securing consecutive victories against Bugatti FC and Warung Din Selamat FC which the former would be their biggest win and the latter their biggest result to this stage. However, their debut match and two other matches which ended in losses bring their glaring weaknesses to the light: notably lack of striking options and bluntness in attack. Their midfield was abashed with riches of talent and ability but without offensive players to profit from the chances that been created. They really need to take these opportunities more clinically and be more ruthless from now on to fulfill the expectations of the supporters.

CAPTAIN: Abdul Waasiek Ahmad Fikri- A speedy striker that been feared by most defenders in Irbid, he provided leadership and the spark in attack for his team. A real livewire, he provided to be too hot to handle with his fast dribbling and dynamic movement. Even so, he lacked composure in front of the goal. His two goals came from the penalty spot and he missed a crucial penalty chance in the last game against Phoenix Bangkit FC. His team selection and tactics conformed to the team strength and personnel available but he really need to find solution to the scoring problem.

BEST PLAYER: Mr. Hasmat- A difficult decision to make as there are not too many outstanding players who consistent enough to be called the best but in this man, they have a midfield enforcer who always in the heart of positive things of the team. An unbelievable stunner against BFC in his debut match announced his arrival with some style and the work rate and experience to shut out WDS FC showed that he is an important pillar for the team.

UNDERPERFORMER: Mohd Sofuan Azahari a.k.a Pue- Being a regular starter, he didn’t bring much to the team apart his good first touch and silky dribbling. He needs to work hard more to pries open the opposition’s defence with his passes and creates more chaos at the opposing backline. Some fitness would be good too.

STARLET: Ali Zaki- Another youngster with great future ahead, he always left the defenders mesmerized with his skill and finesse on the right wing. A calm approach with beautiful dribble marked him out as an exciting prospect. The only flaws would be lack of pace and ineffective distribution but he still had time on his side.

Saturday, 13 March 2010

Highlights Matchday 7

Harap maaf sekiranya tidak memuaskan. Nampaknya kami terlalu memandang rendah terhadap beberapa asakan yang kurang berbahaya tetapi akhirnya menghasilkan gol. (nak jimat bateri sebenarnya)

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Matchday 7 fixtures - 12/3/2010

6.45 a.m
FC Rubin Irbid   vs   Phoenix Bangkit FC

8.00 a.m
Real Benchwarmers   vs   Bugatti FC

9.15 a.m
The Dark Horses   vs   Warung Din Selamat FC

*FC Rubin Irbid made an appeal for Yop's red card but unfortunately was rejected by PSL committee. Therefore Yop is subjected to 1 match suspension immediately.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Poll Result

If an alien came and ask you to describe a CB,who would you suggest?
Selection Votes 
Rahmat (WDS FC) 6%10 
Dzia (WDS FC) 2%
Sahel (PBFC) 21%34 
Syuk (RIFC) 1%
Ejad (RIFC) 4%
Zhafri (RB) 9%14 
Muiz (RB) 1%
Rafi (B FC) 23%37 
Mustaqim aka Anhar (B FC) 11%17 
Cardi (TDH) 6%
Nwa (TDH) 11%18 
Mar Cullen (Director)  6%
161 votes total 

Sunday, 7 March 2010

Welcoming The Second Round of PSL

IRBID (AP)—FC Rubin Irbid closed the gap on Permai Super League league leader The Dark Horses with a 2-1 win on Friday.

In other League game, Bugatti FC won 2-1 over Phoenix Bangkit FC to improve its chances of avoiding relegation and push Muneer's side deeper into trouble. 

Real Benchwarmer defense failed to clear a corner kick from Helmi and Ust Din moved the ball into space inside a crowded area and beat goalkeeper Qayyim with an angled shot for his 2nd league goal.

(20 Photos Total)

1. Muhtadin Ramli  of Real Benchwarmer tries to shoot the ball during the match between his team and Warung Din Selamat FC. Muhtadin's side lost 1-0.

2.The Dark Horses' captain, Azri passes the ball during the match between his team and FC Rubin Irbid. Despite watching his team lost for the first time, he managed to add another goal in his account to win the golden boot trophy.

3.Attack of The Orange Army. Three Phoenix Bangkit players are sandwiched between Bugatti's players as they tried to score a goal during their match last Friday.

4. Sofuan Azahri,  also known as 'Pue' wearing the Kelantan jersey takes a free kick as team mate Ali Zaki watches him. Both of them missed golden opportunities to score goals as Ali Zaki missed a penalty kick and Sofuan just kicked thin air.

5. Usamah, left and Abdullah Harith, right fights for the ball during the match on Friday. Abdullah Harith recieved a red card as his team won and stayed on the top 3 on the PSL table.

6. Bugatti FC show off their new kit colors before the start of the game between their team and Phoenix Bangkit FC.

7. Faizal Jongkabe, left, challenges Syamil of Real Benchwarmer for the ball during their match last Friday. Syamil was praised by his teammates as he did a couple of saves and defended his side successfully.

8. The Dark Horses' defenders, from left Anwar, Izzat, Mat Nor, goalkeeper Dato' Nuek and Mukhlis were left in despair as Abdullah Ashraf runs to celebrate Duang's goal at the starting of second half of the match between league leaders TDH and FCRI.

9.One of the Korean Brothers; Mahdi seen here talking to teammate Ashraf Marwan just before their match with Bugatti FC. Mahdi's cross later on was perfectly headed by Ashraf Marwan to equalize the score 1-1. Phoenix Bangkit FC later on suffered as MK Jep scored the winning goal past PBFC's goalkeeper, Dell.

10. Real Benchwarmer's captain Waasiek, left, vies for the ball with Piek from WDS FC during the match at Yarmouk stadium. The match ended 1-0 as WDS FC took the 3 points from Waasiek's side.

11. FC Rubin Irbid players surrounding team captain, Fauzi as he lies down. Fauzi was said that he had a clash with TDH defender, Izzat Cardiac before the contorversial goal by TDH captain, Azri was allowed by Referee Marwan Hadiid.

12. Ashraf Marwan the equalizer during the game between Phoenix Bangkit FC and Bugatti FC.

13. Muhtadin of Real Benchwarmer is harried by Warung Din FC's captain, A. Mohd Rahmat during their match last Friday.

14. A few of Phoenix Bangkit FC players waiting for their game to start. Free Agent Aiman Majdee's decision whether to play for Muneer's team still remain a mystery when he came wearing soccer boots but only seen playing with the ball at the sidelines.

15. Dzofir of TDH takes a free kick during the match between TDH and FCRI last Friday.

16. Wan Mohamad Izham Wan Ismailis being challenged by two Bugatti FC's players, Khair (left) and Mukmin (right). Izham, a.k.a. Awe has had several opportunities during the game, but failed to score even a goal.

17. Yaser Kamarudin talking to the PSL media after the game between Warung Din FC and Real Benchwarmer FC. Yaser is delighted that his team won and stated (sambil garu dada) that the injury of Muhtadin and Cik Hasmat's absence shouldn't be an excuse for Real's loss.

18. Permai Super League players from different teams and ages sit and laugh together to watch a match that was being held last Friday.

19. Marwan Hadiid and his officials shake hands with both teams before the game between The Dark Horses and FC Rubin Irbid. TDH players claimed that the lack of striker players such as Syed Ahmad Izzat and Imran Zainal Abidin is a factor that made their attacking strategies blunt.

20. MK Jep taking a free kick in the match between his team and Phoenix Bangkit FC. Bugatti won 2-1 as both goals came from MK Jep's free kicks.

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