Monday, 8 March 2010

Poll Result

If an alien came and ask you to describe a CB,who would you suggest?
Selection Votes 
Rahmat (WDS FC) 6%10 
Dzia (WDS FC) 2%
Sahel (PBFC) 21%34 
Syuk (RIFC) 1%
Ejad (RIFC) 4%
Zhafri (RB) 9%14 
Muiz (RB) 1%
Rafi (B FC) 23%37 
Mustaqim aka Anhar (B FC) 11%17 
Cardi (TDH) 6%
Nwa (TDH) 11%18 
Mar Cullen (Director)  6%
161 votes total 

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