Monday, 15 March 2010

Mid-Season Report - Bugatti FC

PERFORMANCE: Looking through the team’s roster probably didn’t inspire much confidence for a neutral observer. Mainly consists of young and new players, the team had too much unknown factors and team chemistry problems to make a huge mark in the league. Starting the league with 3 consecutive losses strengthen the belief that this group of youngsters would be the beating boys or described accurately as ‘minnows’. Yet somehow they started to buck the trend with 2 straight victories with the one of the biggest upsets in the victory against Warung Din Selamat FC. As they are limited in their passing and pedigree, the team was defensively-minded in their approach which relied on counter attacks and set-pieces mostly to score goals. Not much expectation had been weighed on these young shoulders which probably suited them as well.

CAPTAIN: Mohd Rafieuddin Rasdi- A fleet-footed player with good technical abilities on the ball, he mainly played as central defender and striker sometimes. He reacted well on situations such as latching to through ball or to snuff out any dangerous plays from opposition. A model figure for the youngsters in his team, he had led them well although he had been changing tactics and lineups often to suit their own strengths and weaknesses. A dependable leader.

BEST PLAYER: Muhammad Husaini Azizan a.k.a Kucai- One of the senior players who highly rated for his physical and technical abilities, he had performed admirably so far in different positions. Equipped with versatility, he can destroy and create equally the plays in the midfield with his relentless tackling and quick passes. Making his mark with an assist and a goal already, he was instrumental in the victories against Phoenix Bangkit FC and WDS FC.

UNDERPERFORMER: Abdul Hadi Damanhuri- A self-proclaimed genius that truly a loudmouth, there’s nothing positive to describe this enigmatic player. Playing as a striker and a central midfielder eventually, he had been heavily criticized for being slow and ponderous on the field. He can’t tackles, passes and shoots at all. The only thing he can do is to ask for the ball (with angry shouts) and subsequently loses the ball. A total zero.

STARLET: Abdul Mukmin Jafary- One of the positive things in the team, he had shown tremendous potential with his performances. An all-action player, he was committed to the team’s cause with lung busting runs and unlimited energetic movement. Playing as winger or striker, he created chaos to the backline with fast dribbling and physical approach. Two goals so far, one was the crucial winner against PBFC, he was an important player to watch out for in the future.


Abdulla said...

ya allah kejamnye bab underpeformer tu!!huhu

Abdul Munir Sanusi said...

kesian gila hadi. aku simpati dengan mu hadi. keh3

mKjEP said...

hadi yg tulis report ni kn?

Anonymous said...

total zero..hahaha...cube lagi underperformer..!!

mar jonas said...

aku masih xpuas hati.asal ade enigmatic disitu?ade unsur2 pujian ye disana.

btw hadi..aku rasa ko tekel sedap.badan kau sasa.passing kau accurate (untuk one type of passing je la,sbb ko asek gune teknik yang sama)

teamwork ko pun kene improve kalau nak jadi cam song-billong.orang tak passing jangan marah2.aku luku karang.

ok babai

fanarsenal said...

hahaha... saje je nk kutuk sindri lebih, kang org marah kalau asyik kutuk org je, hahaha

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