Sunday, 14 March 2010

Mid-Season Report - Real Benchwarmer

PERFORMANCE: Mid-table obscurity probably wasn’t their plan at the beginning after securing consecutive victories against Bugatti FC and Warung Din Selamat FC which the former would be their biggest win and the latter their biggest result to this stage. However, their debut match and two other matches which ended in losses bring their glaring weaknesses to the light: notably lack of striking options and bluntness in attack. Their midfield was abashed with riches of talent and ability but without offensive players to profit from the chances that been created. They really need to take these opportunities more clinically and be more ruthless from now on to fulfill the expectations of the supporters.

CAPTAIN: Abdul Waasiek Ahmad Fikri- A speedy striker that been feared by most defenders in Irbid, he provided leadership and the spark in attack for his team. A real livewire, he provided to be too hot to handle with his fast dribbling and dynamic movement. Even so, he lacked composure in front of the goal. His two goals came from the penalty spot and he missed a crucial penalty chance in the last game against Phoenix Bangkit FC. His team selection and tactics conformed to the team strength and personnel available but he really need to find solution to the scoring problem.

BEST PLAYER: Mr. Hasmat- A difficult decision to make as there are not too many outstanding players who consistent enough to be called the best but in this man, they have a midfield enforcer who always in the heart of positive things of the team. An unbelievable stunner against BFC in his debut match announced his arrival with some style and the work rate and experience to shut out WDS FC showed that he is an important pillar for the team.

UNDERPERFORMER: Mohd Sofuan Azahari a.k.a Pue- Being a regular starter, he didn’t bring much to the team apart his good first touch and silky dribbling. He needs to work hard more to pries open the opposition’s defence with his passes and creates more chaos at the opposing backline. Some fitness would be good too.

STARLET: Ali Zaki- Another youngster with great future ahead, he always left the defenders mesmerized with his skill and finesse on the right wing. A calm approach with beautiful dribble marked him out as an exciting prospect. The only flaws would be lack of pace and ineffective distribution but he still had time on his side.


Abdulla said...

brilliant piece of writing,as always! :)

muiz said...

haha puwer bagi komen sikit

puwer fan club said...

kami berasa sungguh kecewa kerana pemain pujaan kami dicap sbg underperformer..

kami tidak nmpk cacat cela pada safwan azhari..semuanya hebat..haha

fanarsenal said...

sebenarnya nk tulis tadin sbgai underperformer, namun atas rayuan beliau dan kekurangan calon lain yg lebih lyk, maka pue telah menjadi mangsa media kali nih, sori pue,buktikan aku salah, hahaha

pue said...

ces...rupanya tadin mangsa asal..haha

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