Tuesday, 12 January 2010

What the papers say...

Although everybody is keeping their tabs on African Nations Cup,our own correspondent from Bugatti FC,Mursyid Omar busying him self about PSL.Keep reading...

Ashraf Marwan’s not leaving!
That was the response of PBFC captain Abdul Munir Sanusi, also known as Mun among the locals during a post-match interview last week. He completely disses rumours saying that the midfielder wants to move to another club, particularly leaders the Dark Horses.
“Acap Marwan and I have a great understanding on and off the pitch. He enjoys playing for PBFC and he still has the belief that we are in with a good chance in PSL.” Said the captain who hails fromTeluk Intan, Perak.
Defender Marwan Hadiid shares the same opinion with his captain and he’s unhappy about rumours spread by the locals.In an interview outside PBFC’s training camp near Noor Mina Saloon (not to be confused with Nur Amina of Nur Kasih series) he said:
“I will not hesitate to give a karate chop to people who kept saying that Acap Marwan is going to leave this club. Don’t think I hold a Black-belt in karate for nothing. As one of the founder of this club, I will do everything within my power to make sure Acap Marwan stays at this Club.”
On the other hand, Acap Marwan is still uncertain about his future.
“It’s a tough decision to make. Obviously TDH wants me and I cannot deny there’s a big temptation to play for a big club like them, but I still love PBFC because this is where I developed my technical skills and my reputation. I think I’ll just wait and see what happens in the future,” said the midfielder in a private interview outside his apartment.
Ashraf Marwan’s transfer saga continues and definitely pundits and locals will a lot to say when the final decision is made.

No more TDH for Ilmam Mukhlis?
There’s a speculation about TDH’s Left-Defender Ilmam Mukhlis impending departure from TDH. We tried to get an interview with TDH’s captain and star-midfielder and this was the 19-years old had to say:
“Mu Mu has expressed his desire to leave, but until we find a like-for-like replacement for him, he’s not leaving. I’m thinking about replacing him with Acap Marwan of TDH, but you know PBFC won’t let him go that easy, so maybe cash-plus-player transfer is just what we need to bring him to this club”
We tried to get an interview with Ilmam Mukhlis but he seems to avoid media attention surrounding him at the moment.
Will the deal finally broke? Will there be any sensational transfer in PSL this season? Or the January transfer window will be as silent as in other leagues around the world this moment? Let’s wait and see guys!


Abdulla said...

nice article :)

lepas ni leh la jadi regular psl columnist ek

kher said...


siot giler saper wat spekulasi nie.

TDH said...

kami pihak TDH akan cuba sedaya upaya untuk mendapatkan Acap Marwan.hahaha.mati mun tgk

ejad said...

haha..media mmg terbaik buat sebar gosip liar..keep it up..

Abdul Munir Sanusi said...

parok. padan aku batuk terbahak-bahak malam semalam.

jangan isau acap marwan. aku akan naikkan gaji kau. popeye kalau kita dapat TOP 3 liga.

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