Thursday, 14 January 2010

[PSL] Spot The Ball Contest

All you have to do is guess where the ball is. Let us know by replying to this thread.  In your reply, all you have to do is indicate which number you think the ball was in!

Picture 1 : (your answer)
Picture 2 : (your answer)

Picture 1 : WDFC VS TDH

answer: 1

Picture 2: TDH VS BFC



Although luck certainly plays its part it is worthwhile to carefully choose your spot and not rely solely on chance. Some basic tips to help find that ball include:
  • Observe the body language of the players. Considering the ball is the focus of play, where are all the players’ movements directed towards? Has somebody just headed or kicked the ball?
  • Notice the eyes of the players. Which way is each of them looking? Do their lines of sight converge on a particular point? Mentally draw a line from each of their eyes.
  • Bear in mind distance and perspective. The picture does not show a 2 dimensional scene so be sure to consider the depth of the action. For instance, is the ball nearer the camera than the player?
  • Don’t forget that the picture will show a fast moving scene and so some players may be slower to react to the ball than others. The ball may have passed them before their eyes and body have had a chance to react.

Good Luck to Everyone!

Please Increase REP so we continue making Contests!


Abdul Munir Sanusi said...

dua-dua pictures jawapan dia number ONE. amacam?

Anonymous said...

2 n 3

Anonymous said...

Picture 1 : (3)
Picture 2 : (4)

hariz said...

1: (3) 2: (1)

zulai said...

ak jawab due2 gambar no 3

kher said...

Picture 1: 3
Picture 2: 1

Abdulla said...

picture 1 :3
picture 2 : 4

faiQ nabiL said...

picture 1: 3
picture 2: 4

majdi akhili said...

3 dan 1

ni gerenti betol. aku dah tengok dah gambar lain2.

Anonymous said...


yeop said...

picture 1 : 4
picture 2 : 1

PSL said...

ternyata sangat mencabar.. xde sorang pon yang btol.. lain kali boleh cuba ye...

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