Thursday, 19 November 2009

Week 2 : Preview

Dark Horses will be looking for their second win in the league after beating Real Benchwarmer 3-1 two weeks ago.

Imran, Anwar and their 19-year-old captain Azri managed to get their name on the scoresheet and put Dark Horses on second place of the league.

Once again their team will utilize their advantage in speed to add misery to Phoenix Bangkit FC who already beaten in their first match.

Munir absolutely need to get his team up and running after being battered 3-0  by Warung Din FC.

The 22-year-old captain need to find a way to stop the energetic Dark Horses and get their first league win to put their title hopes alive.

Meanwhile, Bugatti FC will face Real Benchwarmer for the first time at 9.00 am.

The two captains will face head on as Rafie will need to stop Wassiek from tearing up his defense.

Both of them are on the losing end on their first game and definitely need a win to challenge for the league title.

Real Benchwarmer will depend on Wassiek for goals while Rafie will want all but another own goal for this week's match. 

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