Friday, 6 November 2009

The First Day of Permai Super League in pictures

The Permai Super League are taking place now in Irbid (until January) as 102 players from 6 teams competing for the 'Kings of Irbid' title. The Yarmouk Stadium, first time being used in this very prestigious event, seen as a preview of 2011, as Irbid will host the KARISMA games.Collected here are some photographs of training and matches from this year, the PERMAI Super League. (20 Photos Total)

1. Yaser Kamaruddin, the referee for the first match between Team Budin vs FC Rubin Irbid . The match which planned to start at 6.30 a.m., was behind schedule when they kicked off at 6.55 a.m.

2. Abdullah Harith, more known as Yop kicks the ball as his team (FC Rubin Irbid) meets Team Budin this morning.  The match ended 1-0 as Team Budin scored an unfortunate own goal and lost the match.

3. Team Budin's captain, Rafieudin Rasdi walks slowly as his goalkeeper Daia picks up the ball during the first match between FC Rubin Irbid and Team Budin.

4. Dwang of FC Rubin Irbid challenged by Mursyeed from Team Budin. Mursyeed scored the only goal in the match, which unfortunately was an own goal.

5. The match officials in the first game between FC Rubin Irbid and Team Budin. Match officials are given green bibs to distinguish them from other players during the match.
from left, Usamah, Yaser and Marwan Hadiid.

6. FC Rubin Irbid's captain Pojie giving instructions to his teammates during the match between FC Rubin Irbid and Team Budin.

7. Yop(right) brings the ball towards Daia as he tries to score more goals during the match.Yop is wearing Adidas Predator Absolado PS TRX FG David Beckham.

 8. Qatadeh, in red from Team Budin seen here wearing his boots only on his right foot trying to get pass Hamdi from FC Rubin Irbid.

 9. Hamdi takes the goal kick during the match between FC Rubin Irbid and Team Budin.

10. Warung Din Slmt FC in orange lines up before the match between them and Phoenix Bangkit FC.

11. Izzat Cardiac, the referee for the second match explains the rules to both of the teams before their match.

12. Abdul Muneer Sanusi, captain of Phoenix Bangkit FC shakes hand with his opponent before the match.

   13. Yaser Kamarudin controls the new expensive ball during the match between Warung Din FC and Phoenix Bangkit FC. Yaser is wearing Adidas F50.8 TUNIT.

14. PERMAI President Naqeb Sulaiman in orange controls the ball as he's being surrounded by Marwan Hadid (left) and Fakru (right).

15. Ashraf Marwan of Phoenix Bangkit FC tries to clear the ball as he's blocked by Rahmat during the match.

16. A. Mohd Rahmat, Warung Din FC captain kicks the ball during their match against Phoenix Bangkit FC. Rahmat scored 2 wonderful goals as their team won 3-0.

17. Ridhwan Huzairi a.k.a. Rockers seen here wearing a Cap Ayam tshirt as he cheers for his team, FC Rubin Irbid.

18. Ammar from Real Benchwarmer confronts Mukhlis from The Dark Horses during the match. The Dark Horses won 3-1.

19. Muhtadiin Ramli, the playmaker from Real Benchwarmer takes a free kick during the match between Real Benchwarmer and The Dark Horses.

20. Abdul Waasiek throws the ball during the match between Real Benchwarmer and The Dark Horses.

more Permai Super League photos on anwarash's flickr


ejard said...

macam reuters..haha

mUneer said...

asal rambut gua serabai...gua harap pihak psl dapat mendapatkan penaja gel rambut. gua pun nak rambut mcm mukhlis, sidi dan geng-geng sejambu dengannya. slogan diorang

"jambu-jambu juga, bola jgn lupa"

jordan FC said...

gambar memang terbaek!

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