Friday, 14 May 2010

Happy Happy Happy

PSL Director congratulates  PSL CHAMPION , TDH...  

1. I wanted to thank all the participants and especially to the PSL Committees and Captains for our Superb Season of PSL.Our idea worked out wonderfully,even i have some request from Somalian team and Iraqian team to be included in PSL next season.(PSL to go Internationally?not impossible though)

2. There are some holes or weakness in PSL that we are aware of,but insyaallah next time around PSL Committees are ready to make amends.(tak puas hati atau cadangan membina/tak membina boleh terus tulis kat shoutbox since korang malas nak tulis email)

3. Now for the important part,insyaallah PSL Party will be held on FIRST SEMESTER of 2011/12.The Closing Ceremony of PSL 10/11 and The Launching of PSL 11/12 are on the same function.So may patience be with you all,because we want to give the best to our players.

4. As requested, i have chosen THE PSL TEAM OF THE SEASON.Maybe our Regular Columnist have a different thoughts (HADI.D) but who cares ;p

GK ; Nuek (TDH)
CB ; Izz Card (TDH)
CB : Rafi (Bugatti FC)
CB : Mustaqim (Bugatti FC)
DM ; Kuchai (Bugatti FC)
MC ; Amin (RIFC)
MC ; Mahdi (PBFC)
MC ; Yeop (RIFC)
AM ; Yaser (WDS FC)
CF ; Usamah (TDH)
CF ; Acap Marwan (PBFC)

Subs ;
GK; Hashemi (TDH)
CB ; Hamdi (RIFC)
CB ; Dzia (WDS FC)
DM ; Rahmat (WDS FC)
MC ; En. Hasmat (RBFC)
MC ; Azri ( TDH)
CF ; Azlan Shah (RIFC)

Honorable Mention ;
Qayyim (RBFC) , Zhafri Zayyani (Bugatti FC) , Aime Jo (PBFC) , Awe (PBFC) , Muhtadin (RBFC) , Ejad Ikip (RIFC) and Duang (RIFC).

Looking Forward for Next PSL,
Mar Cullen
Permai Super League 2010/11


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