Saturday, 13 February 2010

Mid-Season Report - Warung Din FC

Warung Din FC

PERFORMANCE: They started brightly in the beginning of the season. When other teams looked struggling to find their own tempo, WDFC had been climbing up to the top. Two big early victories justified their reputation as a title contender. But, a sorry loss to Real Benchwarmer looks to have undone them completely. This small bump looked to be bigger as their march has been halted further. Unable to score against TDH -although they did embarrass TDH in all division- resulted in a draw and it was followed by another surprising defeat against league's minnows Bugatti FC. Some said that their cocksureness resulted this, while others blame on referees’ decision- their two losses resulted from penalties. However still, do put in mind that they are the only team that looks capable of stopping TDH, ergo are still in the title race(provided they improve).

CAPTAIN: A. Muhd Rahmat Abdul Halif – One of the most senior players in the league showed why age is essential to be a captain. The experience on the field coupled with calmness on the ball made him a good leader. Always a confidence boost when he is playing at the back. Two goals so far- thanks to his ability to shoot from range. However, questions have been thrown at him over some of his tactical decisions.

BEST PLAYER: A. Muhd Rahmat Abdul Halif – To be honest, none would fit the boot other than the captain himself. Leading by example, he certainly did all the things that he could to keep a clean sheet and then, drive the team from the back. Without him, no one could ever wonder what will happen to the team.

UNDERPERFORMER: Yaser – Given his reputation as a strike force for the Irbid team, he has not risen to the expectation. A lackluster overall performance from this lad perhaps had been down to the fact that he received little support from his teammates. Only one goal from five games clearly does not give justice to his reputation. Nevertheless, his accurate timing of runs beating the offside traps and his markers are still being feared by the top defenders in the league.

STARLET: Helmi – A nightmare to his opponents. Many midfielders had been mortified by his brilliant skills of dribbling. His physique adds up to his composure making him hard to play against. A star for the future. He sure as shooting will be the linchpin of Irbid’s midfield in the coming years.

Download the WDSFC poster here


fanarsenal said...

bugatti=minnows=ikan bilis? ces. nice article btw. great poster as well. mntp2.

mar jonas said...

haha tula kau hadi.ejek team aku sayur lagi

good writing,awesome poster = recipe to fire up people

Abdulla said...

haha last hidup balik blog ni

bile next round start wahai tuan direktor?

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