Sunday, 28 February 2010

Mid-Season Report - FC Rubin Irbid

PERFORMANCE: An interesting but unpredictable team, this band of young players continued to divide opinions among spectators with their performances so far in the league. Brilliant at their best and mediocre at their worst, both faces of the team had been shown making them a model for inconsistency. A flawless win against Real Benchwarmer was the zenith of their abilities, but huge losses against the top teams such as The Dark Horses and Warung Din Selamat FC frustrated the neutrals and supporters alike. Mid-table position seemed to suggest stability but the real story could not be any more different. They really need to show quality more often on the field, fulfilling their vast potential as title challenger thus making the race for the top more exciting.

CAPTAIN: Mohd Fauzi Abu Hassan a.k.a Pojie- Highly rated as a goalkeeper, this likable lad showed good handling skills and excellent shot stopping with explosive kicking to add to his array of abilities. 2 clean sheets so far, the only downfall would be his decision making in the box which saw 6 goals conceded to the TDH and WDS FC. This major flaw was also apparent in his tactics and team selection, contributing to the unpredictable nature of his team.

BEST PLAYER: Ridhwan a.k.a Dwang- His performances stood out as the most consistent and effective among his team-mates. Blessed with good first touch and technical ability, the right winger efforts had been personified with glacial composure and calm assurance. With 1 goal and 1 assist so far, he showed that he is dependable to perform for his team. A top-notch professional.

UNDER PERFORMER: Abdullah Ashraf Rafique Ali- This diminutive winger is the fans’ favorite due to his unique way of dribbling and friendly personality. He also showed his courageous side to take on defenders directly. However, his passing was erratic and the lack of support to the front marked out his weaknesses. He really needs to address this and step up his game to live up to his glowing reputation.

STARLET: Mohd Amin- Truly a gem in the midfield, he is earning rave reviews for his brilliant display on the field. Intelligent and composed, his passing and positioning was conducted with an air of maturity and sense of dominance. He orchestrated most of his team positive plays with ease and executed his midfield tasks well. An exciting prospect for the future.

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Abdulla said...

hahaha aku kene underpeformer.baiklah hadi,noted.

muiz said...

acap sila berusaha lagi

mar cullen said...

totally disagree.achap may not the best player,but the under performer title is totally outrageous.

achap is not given full time of playing time thats why we couldn't write his name on assist list nor the goal scorer list.but its understandable,when u look at their midfielder players--galacticoS.notice the capital s.

come to PBFC and achap will play fulltime.fullstop.

author is bias!pastu kutuk team aku sayur!

geram tak bersudah

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