Thursday, 18 February 2010


1. First of all, PSL welcomes you back to Irbid,after nearly 2 weeks lay off.
2. Deepest condolences to Rubin Irbid FC captain, Fauzi for his loss.May Allah put Allahyarham amongst the Salihin.

Back to business,there are 2 things we would like to annouce.

1. After a thorough meetings and discussion between the PSL Committees and Sponsors,we decided that every PSL player will be charged 2 JDs as a entrance fee.

    - This is because we need funds to buy medals and hampers for each team at the end of the season.
    - Think it as 1 JD in the first round and another JD in the second round.
    - The fees will be collected by Captain and the dateline is 15th of March 2010.
    - Any queries or complaints please don't hesitate to refer to us.

2. Because there is a lack of activities in the transfer market,we strongly suggest any players that want to change team must do so before the end of February.Quick reminder of the transfer transaction ;

    - Transfer is a swap between players.
    - 4 parties must accept the transfers.(2 players that want to be exchanged and 2 captains)

mar cullen,
PSL Director.


acap marwan said...

mar,kebajikan cne?

mar jonas said...

ya Allah,,aku lupe..sori mar
nanti kita jumpe dan bincang ok

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