Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Director's Speech



Over the last few years, PERMAI members has been growing amazingly to a figure nobody has expected to be. With the new addition of over 200 students in this year only, it is somehow getting harder to get close with each other. With football being unarguably the most famous sport played in Irbid, we are taking all the initiatives to set up a football tournament where many can participate in. Apart from giving chances for some to show off(in a positive manner) their skills, this competition is seen as a perfect medium for PERMAI members to 'break the ice' that has been formed between them. We are really excited to make history as this is one big step for PERMAI to getting close to having a more disciplined, continuous, and thrilling football competition up to date.

Granted, Permai Super League(PSL) is a new system that we believed many are still confused with. But we assure you that PSL is a relevant system that will be used for many years to come. Along with the yearly increment of members, the old system seems irrelevant. With the new system(along with new turf *wink*) more games will be played by a team allowing for more satisfaction from everyone.

The first and foremost element we want to assimilate in all competitors is DISCIPLINE. In PSL, the first match will begin at 7.30am, so we want everyone to be ready by 7.15am. Because as we see, discipline problem is getting worse and worse by day. Even in PERMAI official events, delay is like a part of the tentative. Hence, we are trying our best to change this negative habit.

We also are trying to mix up all layers of PERMAI members regardless of age, university or even course. We want to make sure a harmonious atmosphere between first and fifth year, Yarmouk and JUST students can be formed. Because apart from big events such as Sambutan Hari Raya, it is hard to find an opportunity to mix up all of our PERMAI members.

Eventually, we hope that all of our sacrifices in time, energy and money will be ticked off by Allah s.w.t as an ibadah. Hopefully all PERMAI members can keep their patience and continously supporting us as we keep giving our best effort to make the league enjoyable. In advance, please forgive us if anything doesn’t come your way. Feedbacks and comments are highly appreciated and will be followed by an appropriate respond ASAP insyaAllah.

Are you guys fired up? So let the game begins!

Marwan Hadiid
Permai Super League '10


mUneer said...

jgn lupa letak chat box....gua sokong lu dr blkng...xde hal

kamen said...

nice speech
as a sport fan i'm really looking forward to what PSL have to offer us!

mar jonas said...

go izzatcard!

draft speech asal xde la sesedap mcm yang ni huahua

Anonymous said...

mar, lu sediakn ruang2 gosip pun ok what~

mar jonas said...

yup,mmg ada plan camtu..kasi bakar sikit team2 / star yang ada masalah ni..haha tp kalau nak volunteer jadi columnist / sumbang artikel boleh hantar kepada permaisuperleague@yahoo.com

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