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Matchday 4 Review: It just gets better

By: fanarsenal

Abdul Hadi Damanhuri, a.k.a fanarsenal is an ardent observer of the Permai Super League since its inception. A hardcore football fan, he is well known for his useless encyclopedic knowledge about football with narcissistic attitude. He had done some articles in the blog for the past season but was on hiatus till now, citing exams as the cause.  Recently, he’s playing as a defensive midfielder in Buyong Munich, a newly formed amateur team in the current PSL season 2010-11. Needless to say, he’s not ‘that’ good.  
Apologies for the delay.

On 11th February 2011, there was a media blackout inside JUST stadium. Now before we jump to any hasty liberal conclusions, it wasn’t anything serious but there’s no video camera as the director had lent it to his friend and the official cameraman wasn’t feeling up to it as he just got back from the winter vacation.
Cue the disappointment as Matchday 4 was one of those memorable days with plenty of goals and drama. As the day started with a cold and cloudy weather, it’s getting brighter and warmer, almost in tandem with the positive football on the field.

Let’s start with the review, shall we?

Match 1: Buyong Munich(BM) vs The All Whites(TAW)

TAW got the lead controversially as the referee gave a penalty for handball against Marwan Hadiid , the stalwart of BM. Azri Adnan a.k.a Poey from TAW converted the chance past through the keeper. BM fought back and equalised right before half-time as the ball launched from the back got in the penalty box with the keeper caught in no man’s land as Syafiq IKIP nodded in the ball easily.

Second half started with a shocker as a speculative long shot by Poey was fumbled by the BM goalkeeper, somehow managed to put the ball back to his net as the shot was going wide. Zulnazmi from BM hit back with a brilliant curling long shot which the keeper had no chance at all. Another shocker was on cards as a ball launched forward by Arif IKIP bounced in front of the keeper and went over him easily as the keeper froze up. BM started the fight back with an impressive attacking performance as they searching for the equaliser, but TAW managed to hold on to a priceless, probably crucial win.

Result: Buyong Munich 2-3 The All Whites

Match 2: Copa Banana(CB) vs One United FC (OUFC)

CB managed to miss a penalty in the first half as they dominated the match in search of their first win. However, a lapse in concentration allowed Abdullah Harith a.k.a Yeop from OUFC to score in the second half to give his team their first win in the season, leaving CB ruing their missed chances as they are in danger to be winless for the whole season.

Result: Copa Banana 0-1 One United FC

Match 3: Barbican FC (BFC) vs Legend Kampung(LK)

BFC was dominating in the first half with goals scored by Puwe and Mamat putting them on cruise control against the team that only had 9 official players with additional help from Buyong Munich as a loan deal was made for their two players. In the second half, LK fought back as the stand-in captain, Khairi and Nuar Hussain managed to get 2 goals back as BFC was suddenly became rudderless as their captain,Yash Kamaruddin was hauled off for a documented knee injury.

Result: Barbican FC 2-2 Legend Kampung

Match 4: Mentarang FC (MFC) vs Team Kapak (TK)

The most anticipated match of the day as El Clasico of the league was the most exciting contest of the day as MFC in their green Barcelona kits and TK with their traditional white Real Madrid shirts squared off in an epic battle.

The first half started in an even manner as both teams tried to assert their authorities in the match. TK drew the first blood as they got a free kick near the MFC penalty box. Duang with a trademark stance of a certain Cristiano hit a dipping free kick which nestled in the left bottom corner, sending supporters into frenzy celebrations.

MFC didn’t just sat back as they come back in the second half through the industrious Amar Zharif , hitting a shot in the edge of area that lobbed over the opposing keeper. As the match grew on, Kuchai who put a notoriously imperious performance in midfield shot in long range and managed somehow to put it in the top left corner completing a comeback of the highest quality probably sparked by the substitution of Anuar Saad from MFC who said prophetically the team will score 2 goals if they played without him. They should substitute him often then.

Result: Mentarang FC 2-1 Team Kapak

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